Frantastic’s Morning Motivator #39, 2016


Living in this very moment is peace!  Smiling through the lessons is humbleness!  Staying true to your values despite adversity is your truth!  Being kind to yourself is beauty!  Knowing the difference between honesty and being opinionated is wisdom!  Sharing your best words is respect!  Cherish every moment in your life while being the best person you can be … remember when in doubt, laugh!  … Laughter is medicine that is free for the taking … <3

Peace Love and Being Your Best to Our Peace On Earth … smiling loud … 🙂

Frantastic’s Morning Motivator #38, 2016

more beautifulGratitude for our natural environment is simplicity at it’s finest.  Whenever you need a lift, turn your mind to what sustains us everyday.  The elements, minerals, trees, plants, animals, insects, waters, birds, fish, or anything that provides goodness in your life!  We are taught that everything and everyone has purpose.  We are also taught that as long as we keep being grateful we will maintain our ‘Good Mind.’

In traditional practices, cultures, faiths and teachings worldwide we are reminded of our dependency on our natural environment and because of that, we need to remain humble.  Humbleness is knowing our own strengths and weaknesses; and appreciating everything: life lessons; our serenity; differences; and simplicity!

We are to remember that of the four families of creation: the animal kingdom; the mineral life; the plant family and the human race, we are the only ones that are able to live because of the other three.  All of the other three families of creation can live in harmony with each other and can do so without the human race.

Our connection to our Higher Power – God, Buddha, Creator or whatever term you prefer – depends on our appreciation for our fellow beings.  Getting back to the simplicity of our original instructions worldwide enhances and strengthens our spirituality, this is the connection we long for.

Peace Love and Connection for Our Peace On Earth … smiling loud … 🙂

Frantastic’s Morning Motivator #38, 2016

Being blessed is all in how we perceive life: I have been taught that our mind is powerful and just with our thoughts we can attract whatever we want.  I was taught it has to begin with all good intention and always for the betterment of humanity.  My elders have taught me that we are to be helpful of others and to always be happy to help others, otherwise you can make them and yourself sick!  It is like when we cook, we are to put a ton of love into our food as we prepare it so that it feeds the spirit of whoever consumes it.

Believing that everything happens for some good reason helps me maintain a good mind!  Maintaining a good mind is seeing the lessons in all of our experiences.  Be patient with yourself through this process, there is no set time for us to come to an understanding sometimes.  Reflection is paramount when we learn something new.  Understanding why we have been given new information or an experience enables our growth!

Accept your power and encourage others to be their best for Our Peace On Earth … smiling loud … 🙂


Frantastic’s Morning Motivator #37, 2016

Good morningThe saying, ‘It takes a community to raise a child’, comes from our ancestors.  In a healthy thriving community – our members appreciated: their life; our natural environment; humility; self respect;  responsibilities; positive relationships; and the opportunity to inspire, encourage and support all children!

Our elderly were loving, caring, kind, supportive, optimistic, appreciative, grateful, strong minded, gentle, thoughtful and valued the wisdom that was given to them as youth for their empowerment.  It is understood that as we live learn and grow, it becomes our responsibility to share what has helped us be the best person we can, in hopes that our knowledge will become wisdom for another!

Our children’s happiness is all of our responsibility!

Peace Love and Taking Responsibility to Our Peace On Earth … smiling loudest … 🙂

Frantastic’s Morning Motivator #36, 2016

hello weekendBeing kind is the best practice ..!  It pays well for everyone and the return is awesome!  Kindness energizes and strengthens ..!  People want kind people around!  Not only that but kind people look younger, feel great and shine bright ..!  In Haudenausonee ceremonies we are told often that we are to use kind supportive words – ahwenahode ..!  We are taught that this lift’s everyone’s spirits.

Kindness is a gift … the more you use it the more you will get in return … shine brighter ..!

Peace Love and Kindness to Our Peace On Earth … smiling loud … 🙂