Understanding Prayer From A Haudenausonee Woman

Thanksgiving Address Prayer

natureOur people, the Haudenausonee (translates as People of The Longhouse), were given many tools to maintain our way of life and our good mind. One of the many gifted tools we were provided with is our prayer; the Ganohonyohk (translates to The Words That Come Before All Else). This prayer was given the English title ‘The Iroquois Thanksgiving Address’ to simplify the translation.

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Bat Animal Totem & West Shield Sacred Path Cards

Bat Animal Totem card from the Sacred Paths deck.


With spring upon us I feel excited that new growth and the replenishing of all that is good will once again fill our environments. I have been taught that the thunder beings awaken everything when spring comes. We are given many signs from nature: The days are getting warmer and longer. The animals are more active and visible. These signs help to remind us of the connection we have.

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Stop Spiritual Drain

Exhaustion, ‘The Drain’ and Connecting to Spirit Guides

stormy-skiesAs a spiritual worker I would often go through a period of exhaustion after a session of reading or channeling. I would crave carbohydrates, like bread and pasta. I just couldn’t get full and so I started gaining weight. On the emotional side, I wasn’t emotionally drained, I was emotionally attached. I would think about the session long after it was over and I shouldn’t have because it was none of my business. I couldn’t continue to try to answer their problems and interpret their messages because then I was taking away their self-reliance.

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