Do You Feel the Spiritual World Around Us?

I incorporate traditional Native practices and knowledge when helping others understand the world around them. I know that each of us is spiritually connected and that most of us just need to learn how to communicate with our spirit guides. When we first start to communicate with our guides, it is like riding a bicycle, we have to pay close attention to many things, but after we have gained more confidence, we just get on our bike and ride. It is the same kind of training. I created this website to help people who are learning these skills on their path to wholistic fulfillment.

As the founder of the Two Row Education Services, I have encountered a variety of opportunities to provide the services, materials and entertainment through the traditional Native teachings I grew up with. These opportunities have also been learning experiences for me. Throughout the years, while providing these services and connecting with the wonderful people around me, my own spirituality has evolved to the point that I feel blessed every day.

My goal is to share this with others, so I’m excited you found this site! With your permission I provide guidance by connecting with your spirit guides or guardian angels and teach you to communicate with them so you can acquire your guidance on your own. This is my way of contributing to the spiritual empowerment we all need to reach Our Peace On Earth.

Who am I?

At the age of 33, I was asked to be a guest speaker at the Aboriginal Woman’s Day at Brock University. I was excited and scared, I replied with, “Am I old enough?” The coordinator and student advisor laughed and said of course you can do this. It was an honouring experience and lead to other speaking engagements that have covered a variety of topics, including Understanding Prayer, Storytelling In The Theatre, Recall Your Spiritual Connection, Being Thankful, Our Connection to Mother Earth, and the list goes on.

The most exciting events that I have been privileged to be Master of Ceremonies for, are our interactive, educating and entertaining Native singing and dancing performances. Some of them include Brock University’s Celebration of Nations annual event, Niagara College’s Aboriginal Student Association’s First Aboriginal Social, Youth & Elders Gatherings, Wilfred Laurier University’s Aboriginal Awareness Week, Elementary and Secondary schools throughout the Catholic and Public Boards in Niagara, Haldimand and Brant Counties. Recently the most inspiring and encouraging events I have been a part of have been psychic and spiritual conferences and fundraising gatherings. Some of them included The Spiritual Health & Wellness Gathering that was supporting Amnesty International’s campaign for Aboriginal Murdered & Missing Women, G.H.O.S.T.S – Wellness & Paranormal Expo & Conference, A Day at the Park Empowering Women and the Ridgeway Lioness Psychic Fair & Wellness Expo, to name a few.

I am feeling extremely fortunate to be given so many gifts to offer to all the people I cross paths with.